Friday, June 15, 2007

Photos of Ecumenical Pentecost Celebrations

On Wednesday, 30th May, we joined with other Christians on campus to celebrate the feast of Pentecost. This gathering was an initiative of Monash University Chaplaincy, Christian Union, Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox and Anglican students and staff. Aware that we had differences of interpretation on some issues, we gladly joined together in scripture, drama, prayers, chant and testimonies on the verandah of the Narthex to celebrate our common belief in the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. It was like a modern day Pentecost as students, staff, visitors and onlookers joined us to see "what this gathering could mean". We continue to praise God who enabled this event to happen at Monash and hope that other occasions will enable us to share with one another in this way. -- Barbara Shea

Photos courtesy of Rachel Hughan. Please click on pictures in order to view all images in better detail. These photos are hosted by photobucket.

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